2 de jul. de 2021

Ferramentas para o ator que deseja viver e trabalhar nos Estados Unidos com Dra.Flavia Santos Lloyd

A melhor forma de sair do País é sair com os documentos certos! Para quem deseja viver nos Estados Unidos e trabalhar e Dra.Flavia Santos Lloyd pode ajudar com todos os tramites de forma correta e segura.

Tire suas dúvidas dia 03 de julho as
15:00. Biografia Attorney Flavia Santos Lloyd is passionate about immigration law and the community she serves. As an immigrant herself, Ms. Santos Lloyd can relate to her clients’ experience during the immigration process. Before graduating from law school, Ms. Santos Lloyd worked for 12 years in the immigration law field as a supervising immigration paralegal at a leading Orange County immigration law firm. In total, Ms. Santos Lloyd has been in the immigration field for over 19 years. While in law school, Ms. Santos Lloyd volunteered at immigration clinics and other immigration-related organizations. After passing the bar exam, she became an immigration attorney and law professor at several law schools and at a bar exam review company. In addition to teaching subjects tested in the California Bar Exam, she also teaches Immigration Law as an Assistant Professor of Law at Irvine University. With focus on quality customer service, zealous and diligent representation of her clients, and a proven track record, Flavia Santos Lloyd has served a wide range of her clients’ immigration needs. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/podcultura Sandra Camillo CEO & FUNDADORA https://www.instagram.com/sandracamillo/

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